1. meermin:

    Introducing a new last we have been working on for a while now, the new BROU last. 

    It is the result of hard work studying the fitting/shape & the willingness of introducing a more elongated & contemporary last to our Classic Collection in order to widen up the range of possibilities.

    This new last is a more elongated one without being too aggressive, with a lower profile & a soft chiseled toe. The fitting of it is a medium E UK, regular instep, so we recommend to take the same size as you do on our HIRO, RON, OLFE or PARK lasts.

    The first style we have produced is a smart Classic Cap toe in black french calf with single leather soles, you can find it currently funding, for a limited time only here ———-> 101198B - Black french calf


  2. blazerandtie:

    #MuseumCalf & #Solaro - #dressedbytheinternet #menswear #meermin


  3. meermin:

    Now our string loafer now, just for a limited time only, in a beautiful shade of green!

    Perfect loafer for the upcoming Autumn! Made using the new Green Rapello suede. Goodyear welted on the versatile RON last and finished with a single leather sole.

    As on all our loafers, the apron is 100% hand sewn

    Currently funding here:—————-> #101512 Green suede


  4. meermin:

    Now our tassel loafer also in a beautiful shade of green!

    Perfect loafer for the warmer season & the upcoming Autumn too! Made using the new Green Rapello suede. Goodyear welted on the versatile RON last and finished with a single leather sole.

    As on all our loafers, the apron is 100% hand sewn. And in our tassel loafers, the tassels are hand closed, too!

    More info here:—————-> #101412 Green suede


  5. meermin:

    We’re excited to introduce to our Linea Maestro a new double monk handwelted on the new chisel toe Park last made using the fine & exclusive Museum calf!

    This beautiful leather is made using ancient tanning methods, handmade using only natural dyes to create the subtle great & special mottled effect. Every skin of Museum Calf is glazed by hand in our to have a very transparent & glossy finish.

     As a another new, we have started using high quality chestnut tanned soles, for an added durability & confort.

    More info —————> #102341 Dark brown Museum calf

    Do not forget to check the matching belt too! —————> #2035 Dark brown Museum calf


    (Note: As per the sizing of the new PARK last, we do recommend to go with the same size as per our Hro, Olfe or Ron lasts.)


  6. meermin:

    Is great to see our customers enjoying their Meermin’s! 

    Thanks for your support! We really appreciate it


  7. meermin:

    Our #101341 double monk now also available in beautiful Gold Rapello suede. Perfect for the water season!

    Goodyear welted on the Hiro last and featuring a single leather sole, makes it a great all season casual choice.

    More details here: ——> Gold suede #101341

    Do not forget to check the matching belt too!

    More details here: ——> Gold suede #1035


  8. sartorialway:

    New meermin string loafers in snuff rapello suede. No filter, out of the box.


  9. maxminimus:

    My third pair of Meermins arrived today. The value at $250.00-ish dollars is rock solid.

    Green. Bam.

    (via meermin)


  10. meermin:

    Now, also offering our Linea Maestro #10164 made using Burgundy Naturcalf, which is the top article of the renowned Tannerie d’Annonay, currently owned by the Hermès group.

    This sophisticated 6 eyelet brogue is fully handlasted & handwelted on the sleek New Rey last. A thick leather insole and a full grain dark brown calf lining is what conform the interior. Finished with full leather stacked heels and a single leather sole, making this brogue is a very versatile & dressy choice.

    For this version we opted for a HAF sole option, which features a double leather sole in the front area while keeping a very slim waist.

    More info here: ———-> #10164 Burgundy Naturcalf


  11. themodernfit:

    Shoes for Mr @nabil_hattman . All shined and slightly tanned, good to go ! 👍 #meermin #shoeporn #nofilter #shine #sartorial #footwear #spain #goodyearwelted #saphir (at The Shoe Shine )


  12. themodernfit:

    My made-to-order @meermin in plum museum #calf with personalization. These #shoes are made to linea maestro standards. Single leather soles and a sleek last #Spit-shine done manually. #shoeporn #meermin #goodyearwelted #sartorial #men #captoe #oxford (at Men’s Hideout)

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  13. meermin:

    Our #101341 double monk now also available in a beautiful shade of Green Rapello suede.

    Goodyear welted on the Hiro last and featuring a single leather sole, makes it a great all season casual choice.

    More details here: ——> Green suede #101341

    Do not forget to check the matching belt too!

    More details here: ——> Green suede #1035


  14. putthison:

    That Time I Designed a Pair of Shoes

    I designed a pair of shoes. Well, boots to be exact. Two years ago, I asked Meermin if they had any plans for shell cordovan wingtip boots, as I’ve wanted a pair for a while now. They said they didn’t, but that if I were up to the task, they’d let me design one.

    Who could say no to that?

    As it turns out, designing shoes is incredibly difficult. Even with a straightforward style such as this one, it can take a while to get the details right. The “wings” on a wingtip, for example, have to be executed with just the right angles and curves in order to look good, and the broguing has to be done with just the right size punches in order to suit the style of the shoes. It took Meermin and me about a year and half to design these – partly because we had to coordinate our schedules, and partly because it takes a while to get prototypes from the factory, which we would then use to make design changes.

    Some things did go smoothly, however. I knew that I wanted a pair of smart casual boots – something I could wear with jeans or heavy wool trousers, and pair with anything from casual outerwear to tweed sport coats. Which meant, a lot of the details for the boot came naturally. Meermin’s Rui last, for example, was an obvious choice. It’s shapelier than what you’d find from Alden (thus, a bit “dressier”), but not so sleek that it looks out of place with jeans. The eyelets have visible, untreated brass rings, which give the boots a slightly more casual look than blind eyelets, and the soles are made from two stacked pieces of leather, so that they’d have the visual heft to support the ruggedness of shell cordovan. Being a long time boot wearer, I also knew that speed hooks and pull-tabs were necessary. Boots are worthless when they sit in the back of the closet, and that’s where they end up if they take too much time and effort to put on. 

    I’ve worn these for about six months now, and couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. The shell is from Japan, rather than Chicago’s Horween, but the material seems just as good as any of the other shell cordovan shoes I own. The only difference is that it has a slight mottling in its color – sort of like the antique finishes on John Lobb’s antique calf, but much more subtle. I think it gives the leather a really beautiful look.

    This past week, Meermin put the design in their general catalog. Those are made from Argentine shell cordovan, which I unfortunately have no experience with. There were early reports of the color on Meermin’s Argentine shell lightening, but some people found the issue to go away once they applied leather conditioner. In any case, the price is about $430 once you deduct for VAT (European taxes). They’re not inexpensive, but they’re much more affordable than any other shell cordovan boots on the market (about half the price, depending on where you go). Like everything else I’ve seen from Meermin, these shoes hit just the right balance between price and quality, which is why I continue to think that the company offers some of the best value in footwear right now. 

    (Note, although I designed these boots, I’m not getting any commission off their sale. I did receive a discount on my purchase, however).  


  15. meermin:

    Our new Linea Maestro double monk now available online!

    Handwelted on the sleek & contemporary Olfe last & made just using top quality materials such as the french Naturcalf (Tannerie d’Annonay), in light brown this time, & single leather soles, this double monk is the perfect choice for the warmer season.

    More info here: ——-> #102341 Light brown Naturcalf

    Do not forget to get a belt that perfectly matches this monks. Also made in Light brown Naturcalf & finished with a gorgeous shiny nickel solid brass buckle that perfectly complements this pair of monks!

    More info here ——-> #2035 Light brown Naturcalf